Unbelievable Things That Fell From The Sky

You wouldn’t believe some of the things that have fallen from the skies around the world!
Getting drenched by a heavy downpour may be one thing, but imagine being showered by thousands of flapping fish!
If you think that’s bad, then how an entire elite army of spiders?
These are the things of nightmares.
You’d better run for cover as we explore ten of the weirdest things that fell from the sky!

Falling Fish

Now, to most of us around the world, the idea of fish raining down from the sky is rather bizarre.
However, in some countries, it’s actually quite the norm.
So much so that in Mexico, there’s a specific name for it – “lluvia de peces,” literally meaning “rain of fish.”
So what causes this bizarre phenomenon?
Although there are several different theories on why this happens, a waterspout is the most likely explanation.
These are basically tornadoes, but over water, and it sucks the fish up from bodies of water, and the wind then carries these fishy friends inland where they are eventually rained down.
In some places, such as Honduras, communities celebrate these occurrences, welcoming the gift of free food and having a big fish fry-off with their bounty from the clouds!

Flying Frogs

Similar to fish, frogs can also fall foul of waterspouts, and there are numerous reports – both ancient and recent – of frogs raining from the sky.
Besides the obvious biblical example, Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclides Lembus wrote about so many frogs raining from the sky that “the houses and the roads have been full of them”!
More recently, Serbia saw thousands of teeny tiny froglings rain from the skies in 2005 with a passing thunderstorm.
Somewhat surprisingly, the Serbian froglings survived their lengthy fall, reportedly jumping up and hopping away upon landing!

Blood… or not?

In 2014, residents of Zamora in northwestern Spain woke up to a startling scene.
Blood had rained down onto their sleepy town overnight and coated the town in a grisly red hue.
The residents of Zamora quickly set about trying to figure out just what had happened.
To their shock and horror, they found that the son of Satan had risen, bringing with him apocalyptic rain made from the blood of the damned– no, wait, that never happened.
It was algae.
That’s right – boring old algae!
The microalgae in question weren’t native to Spain and had become trapped in a stormcloud that had distressed it, causing the microalgae to turn red.
The cloud then dumped its faux-bloody contents all over Zamora as the city slept – giving the impression of a town coated in blood!

Mystery Meat

In Kentucky on March 3, 1876, a field in Bath County was showered by a steady rain of mystery meat!
The Kentucky Meat Shower, as it came to be known, unfolded over the course of only a few minutes and puzzled everyone – especially the two men who witnessed it.
The two men who bore witness couldn’t decide whether the mystery meat was mutton or venison, and another person said that it was bear meat… nobody asked that guy how he knew what bear meat looks like.
Later analysts have suggested it might be a type of cyanobacteria that congealed into a fleshy jelly after being rained on. Others think it might have been regurgitated meat from a buzzard.
Although we may never know, we’ll certainly never forget The Kentucky Meat Shower!

Sprinkling Spiders

Now this one is the scariest living nightmare an arachnophobe could face – even scarier when you find out it’s not actually that uncommon!
In 2015, thousands of baby spiders rained down from the sky onto Australia!
As the land of natural horrors, it’s not surprising in the slightest this happened in Australia – with one Australian man saying so many had fallen on his house that it looked “abandoned and taken over by spiders”!
It also happened in Brazil in 2019, and I’ve also seen the occasional spider “falling” from the skies myself.
The reason behind this is actually fascinating. Baby spiders, wanting to travel great distances, will climb a tree and spin themselves a little silk parachute.
As they’re so tiny and weightless, and their silk is also lighter in weight than they are, a passing breeze will pick them up, launching them to soar and glide to a new home.
So if you happen to witness some baby spiders falling through the skies, just know they’re paragliding away to a new home!

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