Hitachi Zaxis 670 LC Excavator Loading Trucks – Operator Angiitis

This model has included air conditioning and track adaptation since 2006. As of 2013, it was sold without an air overload alert, a diesel particulate filter, or a blade. The original ʜɪᴛachi ZX 670 LCR-3 specs datasheet contains more detailed specifications and machine descriptions. On LECTURA Specs, you may get it for free in Spanish, English, Italian, French, and German.
The list price for this model is between €587000 and €746000. The ZX 670 LCR-3 was discontinued in 2013. Check out the LECTURA Valuation system for more information on pricing and current residual values.

The ZX 350 LC-6, ZX 300 LC-6, and ZX 490 LCH-6 are the most popular crawler excavators from ʜɪᴛachi, with capacities ranging from 6.2 to 86.9 tons. In the video below, you can see the ʜɪᴛachi Zaxis 670 LCR Excavator working for 3 hours in several mining sites.

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