Amazing Large CNC Machine Making Crankshaft And Launching A Big Submarine

The crankshaft is the engine’s heart and is located in the center of the internal combustion engine. The engine’s horsepower cannot be used normally if its function cannot be performed accurately. The crankshaft’s relative angles must be correct, or the ignition and valve timing will not be precise enough to operate one cylinder after another. If there is a problem with this sequence, it is possible that a detonation will occur.

One of the most difficult workpieces to process is the crankshaft. It’s asymmetric, long, and slender, and the materials used aren’t very processable, but the quality is quite high, and the manufacturing requirements are very strict. The use of the currently widely used three-dimensional software platform, through continuous improvement of its three-dimensional solid modeling, can greatly improve the design accuracy of the crankshaft, and thus also lay the foundation for improving its performance.

Eccentric rotary parts include the crankshaft, eccentric shaft, eccentric sleeve, and others. The main profile, which includes the main journal and both ends of the bearing journal, is processed on the lathe, and the following features are common in the processing technology: When machining the rotor journal, the axis must be aligned with the lathe spindle’s center of rotation. As a result, the most important process requirements in mass production must be the use of reasonable fixtures and clamping ods to ensure eccentricity accuracy.

The second is that the center hole and the eccentric center hole at both ends are used as machining references. At present, according to the specific requirements of the crankshaft’s own precision requirements, batch size, and the level of existing processing equipment, a variety of processing ᴍᴇᴛʜods and the processing ᴍᴇᴛʜod can be selected. To improve machining efficiency and quality, the main journal, for example, can use both traditional turning techniques and advanced machining techniques such as lathes and high-speed milling.

In the video below, you can see an amazing large CNC machine making crankshafts and launching a large submarine.

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