Easy Snake Trap – Creative Method DIY : Using A Minnow Snake Trap

Even though we don’t deal with them every day, snakes are an important part of our planet’s life. They are different from any other animals we know and many people are extremely afraid of them. The fear is natural and many times welcomed, as snakes use venom to defend their own skin when they feel attacked. They’re biorhythm is completely different in comparison to ours because they have cold blood, making them very susceptible to temperature changes which is why you don’t see them if you live in the city.

How Do I Make a Snake Trap?
It’s less creepy to deal with snakes if you have been around them for a while. However, some people never get used to them and will always try to avoid their presence as much as possible. Note that snakes are some of the most unpredictable animals, especially for people who know nothing about them.
Therefore, you need to proceed with care. Always have protective clothes on such as gloves and a pair of trousers. Non-venomous species still bite and can leave nasty wounds that need medical attention.

Here is a mesmerizing video showing a colossal python caught in a simple tire trap. Initially, the python appears to be crawling towards the trap to attack a bird, but it gets trapped.
Making snake traps doesn’t have to be challenging. You only need a few readily available materials from your compound to do it
Also called a door wire funnel cage, a minnow trap is the best choice for giant snakes. Here are the materials you need to make this type of trap: a wire, bait, and a wire cutter.

In the video below, you can see Easy Snake Trap – Creative Method DIY : Using A Minnow Snake Trap
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Video resource: World Planet HD

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