Top 5 The Greatest Demag Crane

DEMAG AC 500-8
The Terex-Demag AC 500 – 8 is a staple in the all-terrain category. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 551 tons and a maximum boom length of 184 feet.
The AC 500 – 8 is a powerful crane. The telescopic boom automatically telescopes with a single cylinder telescoping system. 8 metal sheaves integrated into the boom head allow for an increased lifting capacity. The increased lifting capacity gives the crane the ability to complete any lift. The crane is powered by a 653 horsepower Tier III compliant powerhouse of an engine. This engine can complete any job thrown at it.

Demag AC 500-1 500-Ton All Terrain Crane For Sale Hoists & Material Handlers 6969 CraneMarket

The longest main boom in its class with its 60-meter-long main boom, the Demag AC 700 – 9 raises the bar in the 700-tonne capacity class. And the best thing of all: Despite the long boom, it can still travel within a 12-tonne axle load limit, enabling it to reach most work sites without a problem.

Terex Demag AC 700 | Franz Bracht | Alex | Flickr

The Terex/​Demag CC 6800 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane is a beast. It is powered by twin diesel engines and has a 1680 ton lifting capacity and a maximum boom length of 314 feet, and up to 668 feet with a luffing fly jib extension. This crane offers a variable superlift radius and main boom offsets for SW and SWSL luffing jib configuration. The Demag CC 6800 also incorporates Demag’s advanced IC‑1 LCD touchscreen crane control system, Quadro-Drive, and hydraulic assisted boom section pinning.

1200 t Heavy Weight** TEREX DEMAG CC 6800 , Baustelle Albvorlandtunnel, Kirchheim/Teck, 2017. - YouTube

The Demag AC1000‑9 is a 1320 ton all terrain crane. It has a maximum boom length of 164 feet. This crane is powered by a Tier III compliant, 653 horsepower engine.
While this crane is an absolute power house, it also focuses on accessibility and ability to move around the jobsite. The AC1000‑9 is equipped with a ZF TC-Tronic HD automated gearbox. The gearbox includes 12 speeds forward and 4 speeds in reverse. By giving the AC1000‑9 a transmission with so many speeds, Demag gives the operator the power to control the crane on the jobsite, thus allowing the operator to limit safety hazards. The crane is also outfitted with cameras and drive lights. These features also allow for easier movement around the jobsite and less likelihood of accidents.

Massive Terex AC1000/9 gets rigged up - YouTube

The Demag 8800-1 TWIN 3200 ton telescopic crawler crane reaches a lifting capacity that cannot be reached by the vast majority of cranes. In fact, the unbelievable maximum lifting capacity of 3,200 tons and the extreme load moment of 43,900 ton-meter means that the CC 8800-1 TWIN is one of a kind in its own right.

Terex CC8800-1 TWIN Qatar jobstory - YouTube

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