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A huge truck used to transport logs is called a logging truck or a wood lorry. Some are standalone tractor units, some have integrated flatbeds, and some are designed to distribute a load between the tractor unit and a dollied trailer that is pulled behind it. There are frequently several trailers ʜɪᴛched.

Modern logging trucks come in two primary varieties: those used for transport on regular highways and roads and those utilized on uneven terrain and trails in the forest where the trees are felled. The suspension and tires of an offroad truck are particularly important because the routes in forests are rocky and frequently improvised. There have been tires that are solid, low-pressure, and high-pressure. It is possible to use up to nine axles to deliver low ground pressure and excellent traction.

Since timber is frequently grown in hilly terrain that is unsuitable for farming, a log truck’s capacity to climb a gradient is important. The condition of the surface affects how steep it is; gravel and soil are easier to climb than mud and snow. The truck’s power will then determine the speed for a tolerable gradient. For instance, in the southern states of the USA, the authorized weight limitations range from 80,000 to 88,000 pounds (36,300 to 39,900 kg), or roughly 40 short tons (35.7 long tons; 36.3 t).

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