Most Unique Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of

In today’s article we introduce to you 4 special fruits. What kind of fruit do you know? Are they really as special as their appearance and name? Follow our article for the answer. If you want to know more than these 4 types, watch the video we cover in the article
There are a ton of different fruit out there. You just need to branch off and realize that strawberries and apples aren’t the only things out there! In fact, there are tastier, more nutritious fruits out there that can have you weak at the knees at first bite. From nutrient-packed, raspberry tasting red-bananas, to the fruit giving the chocolate industry a run for its money. Here are 15 Most Unique Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of
Red Bananas
There are over 1,000 different varieties of bananas around the world.
Red bananas are a subgroup of bananas from Southeast Asia with red skin.
They’re soft and have a sweet flavor when ripe. Some people say they taste like a regular banana — but with a hint of raspberry sweetness.
They’re often used in desserts but pair well with savory dishes, too.
Red bananas provide many essential nutrients and may benefit your immune system, heart health, and digestion.
7 Red Banana Benefits (And How They Differ From Yellow Ones)
Monstera Deliciosa
Is the name of a fruit that is quite strange to many people, it has an appearance similar to the corn that we often eat.
The reason they have the name “Monster” is because this fruit contains a lot of oxalic acid when unripe, this toxin can cause burns and pain when exposed.
Most of the toxins are concentrated in the hexagonal outer scales arranged like a honeycomb. However, when the fruit is ripe, the scales will automatically peel off to reveal the white flesh that looks like bananas and pineapples delicious inside.
Quả quỷ - lúc xanh thì độc, lúc chín ngon như phô mai - Ẩm thực
Fruit Of The Hala
The hala fruit is a large edible fruit made up of numerous segments called keys or cones and is found in Southeast Asia, eastern Australia, Pacific Islands and Hawaii.
Also called the Tahitian screw pine or thatch screwpine, the hala fruit tree is one of the 750 or so trees that belong to the Pandanus species. The hala fruit tree can reach up to 14 metres in height, with a spiny trunk that grows between 5 – 11 metres in width. This is a large fruit that can be up to 30 cm long, with dozens to hundreds of segments (or phalanges, keys) that are attached together by a core, each being around 20 cm long.
Hala Fruit: The fruit that looks like an exploding planet
Buddah’s Hand
Buddha’s hand is a citrus fruit in the citron family, which looks like a lemon with long, finger-like segments growing from it. While it contains no fruit or pulp, it is extremely fragrant, and the peel and rind can be used for a number of dishes, like salad dressings, marinades, baked goods, and drinks.
Buddha’s hand, or fingered citron as it is also known, is a variety of citron, Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, that usually contains no fruit, pulp, juice, or seeds. It gets its name from its unusual shape, which resembles a hand with multiple splayed fingers, although some cultivars resemble more of a closed hand than an open one.
Buddha's Hand Citron - Yes! You should eat this thing. — Moscow Food Co-op
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