Do You Believe The Young Mechanic Can Repair Hydraulic Cylinders?

It’s a common misconception that hydraulic cylinder repairs are quick and easy. In reality, only basic repairs are simple to complete. And although a basic repair will return hydraulic cylinders to average working order, a full restoration cannot be completed without a highly specialised understanding of what is required to bring the unit back to full reliability.
Sometimes referred to as a hydraulic ram, a repair to this expensive piece of equipment is significantly more cost effective than replacing with new. In most cases the repaired cylinder will be indistinguishable from a brand new model

Also known as cylinder bypass, this is can be caused by a number of different factors. Firstly, your hydraulic cylinder piston seals could just simply be old and over time start to reduce their effectiveness and wear to the point where there is not enough preload on the hydraulic seals to maintain a 100% positive seal.
Another cause of cylinder bypass could be internal damage to the seals, piston, barrel or other internal components.
Causes of a cylinder to leak
This can be caused by many different factors, the most common ones we come across are, Piston nut loosening to the point of coming away from rod, wear strip and bearings could be worn and causing a metal on metal situation (not ideal in most cases), Dirty hydraulic oil, another hydraulic component failing and metal particles flowing into cylinder and casing damage to cylinder internals, worn/out of round cylinder barrel.
If the hydraulic cylinder barrel becomes scored, bypass of the seals will almost certainly occur, similar if there is damage to the piston.
Sometimes we see hydraulic cylinder bypass caused by barrel ‘bulging’ in the centre and therefore creating a larger diameter in the centre of the barrel only allowing oil to travel around the piston and not hold the load required in that section of stroke.

Repairing hydraulic cylinders may look like a reasonably simple task from the outside looking in but without the right tools and techniques, something as simple as repairing a hydraulic ram can become a nightmare.
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