The Most Dange.rous Railways in the World

Who doesn’t love train journeys? There would be very few people who don’t like to travel through train. It is the most cheapest and comfortable transport to reach your destination. Train ride offers a unique traveling experience that offers exquisite views of landscape including dense forest, meadows, river, mountains, etc. However, there are certain routes that are really dangerous and can make you spellbound when you travel through it. These train rides are available around the world in which some offer spectacular views and other offers dangerous stretches. Here, are top 7 dangerous train routes in the world.

7 Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado: USA

Georgetown Loop Railroad was the perfect engineering marvel of the late 19th century that scurries between Georgetown and Silver Plume. The horrible experience takes place when the heavy winds coming from forward/sides forces the train and makes it difficult to maintain the balance.

6 Devil’s Nose, Ecuador

The train route of Narizdel Diablo provides breathtaking views as the train runs through the Nose of the Devil. The government has built a zigzag railway that covers 500 meter hilly area in less than 12 km. Constructed above 9000 ft above sea level; it is one of the scariest train rides in the world.

5 White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaksa, USA

If you are thrill seeking itinerant then traveling to this route can offer you same feeling. This rail route connects the port of Skagway, Alska to Whitehorse, Yukon. It is a tourist attraction at present and people loves to take a train ride of this route.

4 Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad: New Mexico

This railway track climbs the higher areas of Chama Valley and offers outstanding and breathtaking views that will surely leave you spellbound. It becomes difficult to balance on the old tracks when the train passes through narrow ledge against the 800 foot Park Toltec.

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