Largest Container Ships In Terrible Storm & Giant Waves

HMM Algeciras
With a capacity of 24000 TEU, Algeciras is the biggest containership in the world. It is one of twelve environmentally friendly container ships of the 24000 TEU Class. These container ships are regarded as among the most cutting-edge in terms of technology. The Pᴀɴᴀᴍᴀ-flagged ship measures 399.9 m in length and 33.2 m in depth. HMM intends to use twenty newly launched containerships to improve its environmental capabilities. In order to comply with IMO 2020 environmental regulations, the ships are primarily outfitted with a scrubber system. Additionally, it is anticipated that improved hull design and highly effective engines will increase energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.
HMM Algeciras - The New Biggest Container Ship in The World | EasyCargo
HMM Oslo
The largest container ships in the world, HMM Algeciras and HMM ᴄᴏᴘenhagen are sisterships to HMM, Oslo. HMM Oslo and its sister ships, which were built by Samsung Heavy Industries, sailed for the first time in 2020. The 400-meter-long, 61.50-meter-wide Pᴀɴᴀᴍᴀ-flagged vessel has a 16.50-meter maximum draft. The carrying capacity of HMM, Oslo is 23,792 TEU, just 172 TEU fewer than that of HMM Algeciras, the largest ship in the world.
HMM Oslo – MarcoPoloLine
MSC Gulsun
With a capacity of 25,756 TEU, MSC Gulsun is the third-largest container ship in the world. It is the first ship in its class to have a hull wide enough to accommodate 24 containers side by side. The ship, which was constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries and is registered in Pᴀɴᴀᴍᴀ, is 400 meters long and 62 meters wide. The ship is commanded by the Mediterranean Shipping Company.
MSC GULSUN, Container Ship - Details and current position - IMO 9839430 - VesselFinder

OOCL Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ

Orient Overseas Container Line created the engineering marvel known as the OOCL Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ. The first ship to ever surpass 21,000 TEU is the lead ship of the six G-class ships. It was built at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje and has a 21,413 TEU carrying capacity. With dimensions of 399.87 meters in length, 58.8 meters in width, and 32.5 meters in-depth, it is the largest container ship ever constructed. It was dedicated and handed over in May 2017 and now flies the Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ flag on the commerce route from East Asia to Northern Europe.
Admire The New World's Largest Container Ship - OOCL Hong Kong
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