10 Most Amazing Modern Agricultural Machines You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

With the new Swadro TC 1250, Krone offers a new entry-level machine in the professional sector. Simple operation – without electronics. Only a DW control unit and an EW control unit are required to operate the machine.
The working width is between 9.80 m to 12.50 m. The front rotors turn faster than the rear rotors and ensure that the forage is placed wide in front of the rear rotors. This creates even, box-shaped swaths of the order of 1.40 m to 2.20 m.
Schwader: Krone Doppelschwader swadro 1201 gebraucht kaufen - Landwirt.com
The Jacto 4000 JAV sprayer can operate autonomously. Laser-scanning ensures optimised application.
Jacto recently presented its third generation of autonomous sprayers, the Arbus 4000 JAV. This sprayer was developed specifically for use in citrus crops and will initially be exclusively available in Brazil.
Jacto 400 JAV: Autonomous solution for precision spraying
Haven’s industry leading fruit catching system proved itself once again in the fresh market, with growers reporting over 90% pack out rates.
BEI BLUEBERRY HARVESTER, JOHN DEERE DIESEL ENGINE, NEWLY UPDATED SWAY SYSTEM | Farm Equipment & Machinery Harvest Equipment Combines & Harvesters | Online Auctions | Proxibid
Roboticsplus in New Zealand did win several prices with their agricutlure machinery. Currently they are developping also the UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle, in order to be able to equip with many application specific tools….. like kiwi-harvesting.
New Zealand's Robotics Plus beta tests Unmanned Ground Vehicles - Future Farming
We’ve covered a few of the machines featured in today’s video, but they’re not the best of the best. Watch the video to see which machines have to make everyone admire
In the video below, you can see 10 Most Amazing Modern Agricultural Machines You’ve Probably Never Seen Before
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