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Welcome back to our website. I’ll be working on the bench drill’s spindle guide bush. The customer’s pipe, according to the machine, is Cast iron, used for a while, the teeth have worn, so the customer brought me to process the shaft bushing other steel. 𝘚𝘪𝘻𝘦𝘴 In comparison to the standard size, I left 0.5mm extra. So I’ll turn it back when I bring it back for heat treatment. It’s now time to design the teeth for the shaft bush. I’ll have to lower the height of the tube from one end to the other. This will make the teeth more even. The teeth will be small if the side is high, and large if the side is low.

Knife here I still use HSS steel and have sharpened it. Module 1.5 Typically, the teeth on the shaft bushing are all teeth. I will do the following in the module about the distance between each tooth. I’ll take a measurement from one tooth to the other to determine how much I’ll rotate on. Move the planer’s chain and measure it from the starting point of this tooth to the starting point of the next tooth to find the center of the two teeth. Here, I measured the tooth distance of Module 1.5 to be 4.7mm, so on the planer chain, I only need to rotate 4.7mm to get the equal distance of Module 1.5 after planning, and I will send it to normal heat treatment. This is the shaft tube after I heat treated it. I will now proceed to standardize the dimensions. First, I’ll drill the holes for the bearings on the two ends of the tubes.

Things with the shape of a tube-like are very easy to bend and deform during heat treatment. This shaft, as well as this side, has shrunk; if I do not leave the extra dimensions for turning, the product will not be as expected after turning the bearing hole of 2. I’ll start by turning a piece of steel 1 step larger than the size of the bearings from 1 to 2 marks on the micrometer, then I’ll squeeze the shaft bushing like this so the two bearing holes are perfectly concentric.

Let’s take a look at the Machining Process of Table Drill Spindle Bushing – Amazing CNC Machine in the video below.

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Video resource: THD TV

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