At first glance, the frog appears no different from its counterparts. It hops through the virtual terrain, blending into the vibrant tapestry of the digital realm. However, a closer inspection reveals its unique attribute—a ‘terrible’ middle leg that defies the laws of nature and disrupts the delicate balance of the virtual world.
Frogs are a fascinating ѕрeсіeѕ that have сарtᴜгed people’s attention for a long time. They are well-known for their “qe adaptations,” which include their capacity for color changing, their stickiness, and their peculiar croaking noises. However, a lesser-known truth about frogs is that their genitalia resemble those of humans.

The genitalia of ᴍɑʟᴇ frogs are surprisingly similar to those of humans.

Unlike animals with external genitalia, frogs do not have a penis but only testicles for fertilization. Therefore, when discovering a mutant frog with a giant penis-like middle leg in Thailand, people were not surprised. Immediately after being broadcast, this strange frog has become a star breaking the internet in recent days.
In fact, a large middle-legged frog was found in July 2015. But it was not until June 4, when member Keith Leech, living in Australia, shared a picture of a frog on his personal page, it became more known.
Most people think that the extra leg is the giant sex organ of the frog. However, all doubts were immediately cleared when Gerry Marantelli of the Australian Center for Amphibian Research gave an interview to BuzzFeed news site.According to Mr. Gerry, what appears to be a “huge” penis is actually an undeveloped extra leg. Possibly, this extra leg grew out during embryonic development.
It is known that frogs belong to the class of amphibians with external fertilization. During the breeding season, ᴍɑʟᴇ frogs often climb on the back of feᴍɑʟᴇfrogs to fertilize newly laid eggs.

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