Uncovering the Evolutionary Timeline: Ancient Fish-Like Creatures Discovered 380 Million Years Ago, Linking Fish to Humans

The history of life on Earth is a fascinating subject, and scientists continue to uncover new discoveries that shed light on the evolution of the planet’s diverse species. Recently, a team of scientists made a groundbreaking discovery that could change the way we think about the evolution of life on Earth. They found evidence of animals that existed 380 million years ago, providing insight into the evolution of fish and the eventual emergence of humans.

An illustration showing the ancient fish, Elpistostege watsoni, which had finger bones in its front fins

The scientists discovered fossils of ancient fish-like creatures that lived in shallow waters during the Devonian period, also known as the Age of Fish. These creatures, known as placoderms, were the first animals with jaws, a key development that allowed them to become top predators in their environment.

Specimens show that humans likely evolved from this fish

The placoderms were eventually replaced by other fish species, such as sharks, which further evolved and eventually gave rise to land animals. Over millions of years, these land animals evolved into the diverse species we see today, including humans.

A reconstruction of the skeleton of Tiktaalik

The discovery of these ancient fish-like creatures is significant because it provides a missing link in the evolutionary timeline, helping scientists to understand how fish evolved into the complex creatures we see today. It also sheds light on the evolution of humans, as we share a common ancestor with these ancient fish.

Fossils of vertebrates are hotly debated

The scientists used cutting-edge imaging technology to study the fossils in detail, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the animals’ anatomy and behavior. They were able to reconstruct the animals’ skeletons and study their teeth and jaws, revealing insights into their diet and predatory behavior.
The discovery of these ancient fish-like creatures is a testament to the ongoing process of evolution and the incredible diversity of life on Earth. It’s a reminder of the deep interconnectedness of all living things and the long history of our planet.


As scientists continue to uncover new discoveries and gain a better understanding of the evolution of life on Earth, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the complex web of life that surrounds us. The discovery of these ancient fish-like creatures provides a glimpse into the past and helps us to better understand the present and the future of life on our planet.
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