The Surprising Predation of Hedgehogs Snakes

The famous saying “size doesn’t matter” has a lot of meaning when it comes to hedgehogs. The hedgehog is a small creature, but it can wreak havoc on large animals or even humans.
Armed with extremely tough fur, these rodents are virtually untouchable and not the kind of prey that predators want to chew on. Some even tried, but unfortunately they didn’t have a pleasant experience. And you will see 5 times the snake went wrong trying to eat or poke a hedgehog.

#Snake attacks hedgehog with venom

Few people think that a slow animal like the Hedgehog is the “fear” of poisonous snakes. Hedgehog porcupines can “meat” poisonous snakes because they simply have a powerful armor thanks to their spiky fur, plus the snake’s venom immunity is 35 to 45 times higher than that of Guinea pigs. and can withstand 25 times more arsenic than humans. In this battle, the hedgehog.
Hedgehog took advantage of the 1-0-2 armor to make the snake take a lot of pain and make the poisonous snake’s weapon unable to work. In the end, the poisonous snake had to cut its tail and run away.

Snake attacks hedgehog with venom

#Search for food

This hedgehog is doing what many animals love to do, which is eating. While searching for food, he came across a snake. The snake made it very clear that it would not be anyone’s meal, attacking the hedgehog with several boats. But it wasn’t enough to stop him from devouring her, snakes became the Hedgehog’s delicious meal.

Hedgehog eats snakes

#Snake swallows a hedgehog and gets a bitter ending

Swallowing a hedgehog whole is the worst decision this snake could make in its life. Even though your life ended right there! Snakes are large, non-venomous, and kill their prey by curling up and squeezing until they suffocate.
That’s what this African python did, but with an uninterested prey. Daily Mail (UK) on June 24 A cyclist hiking through one of the sanctuaries in South Africa came across a very swollen snake that appeared to have swallowed something very large.
The first impression it gave was that she had swallowed a wild boar or a baby antelope. Six days later, the guards at the reserve found her dead and decided to open her up to see what she had actually eaten. And after opening the animal, guess what… a hedgehog weighing almost 14 kg. Then they found out why the snake died, and you must have known already, right?

Snake swallows a hedgehog and gets a bitter ending

# Boa constrictor

The Boa constrictor is a member of the South American python family, living mainly in North, Central and South America, and some islands in the Caribbean. Compared with large pythons such as pythons and Burmese pythons, the Boa constrictor is medium in size, from 1 to 4 meters. Bats, mice, birds and lizards are the favorite foods of snakes.
Perhaps, the Boa constrictor was too hungry, the need made it take a risk: Attack the feathered hedgehog. This video recorded in Brazil shows a snake with a body full of thorns after attacking a hedgehog.
Because it is a belt snake, meaning it kills its prey by coiling and squeezing until it suffocates, its killing method is ultimately ineffective against a hedgehog, and the result total is. it. Its body is almost entirely spiny.

Snake swallows a hedgehog and gets a bitter ending

#Eat Snake

You might think that the hedgehog only eats the fruits, leaves, and young shoots commonly found on trees, but its diet also includes earthworms, spiders, slugs, centipedes, ants, beetles, bees, and many other insects. other. other. other. And snakes too! It can be said that snakes have a great enemy!

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Video source:Cooking in Wild

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