According to the results of many studies, not only humans but also animals know how to love their fellow human beings and their children. This has been demonstrated in animals like chimpanzees, monkeys, dolphins, elephants, etc.

Mother monkey still takes care of her stillborn baby

We sometimes wonder if motherhood is a human prerogative or is it in all animals. Since I was born, my mother has been with me and then I took my first steps. Whenever I need you, your mother’s shadow is always there, supporting us in life. Humans or animals, too, have senses and feel the warmth of their parents’ love.
Like the picture below; The story is only encapsulated in one frame but is worth more than ten thousand words. A baby monkey is lying in his mother’s lap, his arms hanging down. Mother monkey hugged her baby, raised her face to the sky and cried. Just looking at the photo, anyone can see the despair in the mother’s eyes, the heartbreaking pain of seeing her dear child lying still, motionless…
“Everything happened so fast, I didn’t even know what happened when I raised the camera to take a picture, when I looked back at the camera, I was dumbfounded. This moment is really rare, especially with animals.”
In the past, there have been many stories about the close, sacred motherhood of monkeys and primates. The image of a mother monkey sitting motionless holding her baby monkey has taken away the tears of many viewers. Is the family love of monkeys also different from ours?
The scene of the painting evokes a nostalgia; The ground turned brown and the sky seemed to have turned a sad sunset color. Two lonely monkeys sitting on the ground. The mother monkey did not know what to do, she could only sit and hold her baby monkey in her lap, looking up at the sky, howling with tears. Perhaps, every mother understands the pain of seeing her child injured, helpless not knowing what to do to bring her child back to life.
Fortunately, the baby monkey later recovered and returned to a normal life with his family.

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