Some picture messages doing rounds online purport to show a giant Sea Serpent Skeleton found on a Beach in France. They claim residents of the French coastal town woke up one morning to find the 130m skeleton of a snake on their beach. No, the claims are not true – what you see in the pictures is not a real serpent snake, but a giant sculpture.
Some years back, a picture was circulating widely claiming to show a very large snake spotted beside a highway near Delray, Florida.
Accompanying messages also warned it’s a very large, poisonous king brown snake. However, it turned out the picture does not show a real snake and is just a large sculpture located beside a highway in Alstonville, New South Wales, south of Branxton.
Completed in 2012, Serpent d’océan is a giant aluminum sea serpent skeleton by artist Huang Yong Ping (previously) situated off the shore of the Loire River where it empties into the Bay of Biscay just outside of Nantes, France.
This permanent installation represents the skeleton of a huge prehistoric snake that is somewhat playful with the tides. Measuring nearly 425 feet (130 meters) in length the curving skeleton mirrors the curves of the nearby Saint-Nazaire bridge and was created as a permanent work for the final Estuaire contemporary art exhibition in 2012.
The 130 meter long skeleton is made entirely of aluminum and terrifyingly seems to emerge from the seabed. The sinuous movement of its vertebrae creates the illusion of a living creature, as if it wanted to rise from the ocean’s waters to appear or disappear at the rhythms of the tide.
As the water decreases, one can feel the eeriness of the sculpture, half submerged in water, covered in algae, seemingly slithering towards the shore, its movements hidden by the movement of the water.

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