The fitness trainer, who also has a 2-year-old-daughter, said her son’s birth story is a “wild one!”
Emily Skye’s son was ready to make his debut — even if his mom wasn’t quite prepared! The fitness influencer, 35, had an “unexpected” birth at home on Thursday after her son Izaac arrived three weeks early.
Skye, who lives in the city of Gold Coast in Australia, shared the news on Instagram, along with photos of the moments just after his birth.
“Well THAT was unexpected!!” she wrote. “Little Izaac just couldn’t wait any longer to enter the world!!”
“He called the ambulance and was on the phone with the EMT officer. She had said, ‘Can you see anything? Check if you can see his head?’ And I’m thinking, his head’s half out,” Skye tells host Zoë Ruderman, Head of Digital at PEOPLE. “He’s on the phone, checking and he’s like, ‘Yeah, I can see his head, it’s coming out.’ ”

Skye continues, “And she says, something to the effect of put your hand there, and I thought that she had said to push his head back in. So I’m screaming saying, ‘You can’t push him back in he’s coming out!’ ”
Skye recalls at the time she was “getting these intense contractions that you can’t control” and she “didn’t have to push because my body was just doing it anyway.”
“I can’t stop this from happening,” she remembers thinking. “So [the officer] was trying to make sure, later I found out, to stop his head from coming out too fast where it could be dangerous, he could hurt his neck or coming out onto the floor.”
“But I was thinking that he’s trying to push his head back in, what the hell? It was the most extreme thing that I’ve ever been through,” she says.
In the photos, an exhausted Skye breastfeeds Izaac while emergency medical workers clean her up, and her partner Declan holds their 2½-year-old daughter Mia.
“I’ll share with you our birth story soon!!” Skye added. “Be ready, it’s a wild one!”
In addition to 17-month-old Izaac, Skye is also mom to 3-year-old daughter Mia.

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