Actress, presenter, and chef Isa Scherer, who is currently pregnant with twins, has been proudly displaying her remarkable baby bump on her social media. The size of her belly in the photos is truly impressive, and she humorously comments in some captions about its extraordinary size, jokingly suggesting that her belly has no limits.
Isa playfully writes that if she doesn’t give birth next week, she feels like she might sneeze, and the babies will come out through her belly button. Experts explain that in a healthy twin pregnancy, there is no exact limit to the size of the belly, given the presence of two fetuses and double the amount of placental fluid, among other factors.
While an especially large belly can raise some concerns about possible accidents or discomfort, Isa seems to be embracing her unique journey. Belly weight can lead to back pain, tiredness, and leg swelling, which can be managed through physical therapy.
Immersion baths, swimming, and bathtubs are also recommended for relieving the weight, always with proper medical supervision. Additionally, a larger belly may impact the skin, causing dryness, stretch marks, or cracks, but these can be managed with moisturizers, a proper diet, hydration, and medical advice.
Isa is currently entering the 37th week of her pregnancy with model Rodrigo Calazans, and she recently experienced strong contractions, leading her to rush to the hospital. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.
Her father, swimmer Fernando Scherer, humorously commented on her visit to the hospital, joking that he was also deceived when he rushed there. The scheduled date for her cesarean section is September 11th.
Overall, Isa Scherer’s journey to motherhood with twins has been captivating, and she continues to delight her followers with her positive and humorous approach to the experience.

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