Because of one minute into the territory of the hippo, the crocodile almost d.i.e.d in the muddy river in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania).

Hippos – giant creatures weighing up to 2 tons and 5m long – are considered one of the most ferocious animals in Africa. Possessing a terrible bite force (1.28 million kg / m2) that can cut a person in half and crush a 3m long crocodile! This well-rounded vegetarian is truly the terror of the “swamp king”.
Knowing the fear of hippos, crocodiles often avoid encountering hippos with aggressive males. However, the crocodile in the turbid river in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) “missed” into the territory of the hippopotamus larger than 30.

The Greedy Crocodile’s Misstep

The scene was set along the banks of a river, where the greedy crocodile lurked, eyeing potential prey with an insatiable appetite. Unbeknownst to the reptile, its gluttony had caught the attention of a nearby hippo pod, who were known for their unwavering loyalty and protective nature. Ignoring the warning signs and driven solely by its voracious hunger, the crocodile made a grave miscalculation that would have dire consequences, 30 hippos unleashed their fury upon the greedy crocodile.
With their sheer size and formidable jaws, the hippos acted as a united force, seeking retribution for the crocodile’s audacity. The water erupted into a chaotic frenzy as the crocodile found itself vastly outnumbered and outmatched by its vengeful adversaries.
Crocodile in the lords in turbid water, on his body received the angry “bare” bite of the hippopotamus. After a while, the water became still, as if the fate of the crocodile had been arranged, the poor animal was caught in the net, lurking in the circle of “underwater masters”.
The hippos, some with tails, some with crocodile heads, then push the stranger out of their territory. Fortunately, hippos are vegetarians, otherwise the crocodile would have “broken bones” in the angry bite of the whole herd. When the crocodile crawled ashore to escape, the hippo was already d.e.a.d.
Perhaps, the hippo just wanted to “warn” the crocodile. The crocodile looked like it had just come back from the dead. It learned a lesson that it would never violate again for the rest of its life.

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