While some animals hunt for their own food, others don’t miss the chance to steal it! In this video we will see 6 of the most impressive wild animal attacks recorded on video, including you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that a buffalo tried to mate at the same time that wild dogs were trying to attack. Let’s start!

Number 1. Crocodile Attacks Gnu And Tourist Falls In Crying

Many tourists visit Africa wanting to observe the most beautiful and dangerous animals that the continent is home to, each sighting is unique and exciting. However, few people, like this woman, are used to the fact that nature can reveal itself at any moment, and even though it is obvious, discovering that one animal eats another to survive is a shot in the heart!
See that a crocodile had captured a wildebeest that was drinking water, he drags the animal to the bottom to drown it. 40 seconds into the first half, the tourist starts crying. First time because, at one point, the wildebeest looked like it would manage to escape the crocodile and the tourist continued to cry.
Until another, much larger crocodile finishes off the wildebeest, and you can already imagine the tourist’s reaction. This one will definitely never visit Africa again!

Number 2. Buffalo Fight

Imagine the damage that two large Asian buffaloes weighing over 500 kilos can cause when they face each other in the middle of the street! But in this video, the two animals didn’t mind destroying a bunch of parked motorcycles. Check it out!

Number 3. Hyenas steal food from 3 liones

Stealing food from 3 lionesses is not a task for beginners, after all, lions are the toughest predators that live in Africa. But hyenas are capable of anything when they are in a group, and in this video the hyenas piled up in front of the lionesses and started to get down!

Number 4. Liones catch zebra in impressive attack

Now when it comes to hunting, lionesses are experts on the subject, and it’s no surprise that they are responsible for feeding the pride, and as a result of the constant practice of hunting, they know what they are doing in each situation! Proof of this is seeing this lioness jumping on the zebra’s back and being dragged by it! See the importance of sharp claws, which won’t come off for anything! And it was to be expected that this zebra would become a meal!

Number 5. Jaguar Attacks Capivara

A 66-kilogram capybara would make a great dinner for the largest feline in the Americas, given that our jaguar is a voracious predator that consumes an average of 25 kilograms of meat during a few days and, weekly, 35 to 40 kilograms.
The typical bite on the back of the neck is used to capture prey, and after a few minutes of pressure, the victim is no longer alive. Just look at this jaguar attacking a capybara, the element of surprise is essential. His victim does not realize the danger, and walks towards death. The capybara even tried to get into the water, but it didn’t do any good.

Number 6. Buffalo Tries To Mate At The Wrong Time

While some animals carefully select the time to reproduce, it is usually when there is an abundance of food and a sense of security prevails. Others, however, don’t care much about mating at unfavorable times! As a group of wild dogs try to catch the calf, a male buffalo climbs on top of another male! I don’t know what they intended to do, but at least the cub wasn’t captured!

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